High Deductible Plan F

High deductible Plan F (HDF) is the Medicare supplement you rarely hear about. Most likely because it is very low priced and not a lot … Continued

2018 Individual Health Options

Outside of group options, this is the scoop for 2018 individual health. Open enrollment is approaching and the time frame is shrinking. There is a … Continued

Medicare Annual Election Period?

Medicare Annual Election Period The annual election period starts 10/15/17 and continues until 12/7/17. If you are eligible, it is the one time a year … Continued

Dental Discount Sale

Please click on either of the banners below and make sure to use Discount Code: DADS16 to receive up to 30% off a dental discount … Continued

Why a Medicare Supplement (Medigap)?

When turning 65 you basically have two choices, a Medicare Supplement known as Medigap or Medicare Advantage Plans. Today I’m going to explain who and … Continued