Medicare Supplements & Advantage Plans

Medicare A-B-C-D


Simply put, you can break down Medicare into 4 parts.  Each part has a specific role in the plan that you choose. A fifth component consist of Medicare Supplement Plans, sometimes referred to as Medigap plans.

You may click on any of the links above to get more info from In addition, I've summarized each part on this page.  Are you ready to get your Medicare card? If you're already receiving social security, it should come three months short of your 65th birthday. If you're not taking social security at 65, you can order your Medicare card 90 days before your birthday month. Save hours doing it online versus going to the social security office. 

Last, if you're still working at 65 and keeping your group health plan, in most instances you do not want to enroll into Part B until you retire. It depends if your employer coverage is considered creditable. Lets discuss if this is you. 

Medicare Advantage (Part C)


Medicare Advantage plans provide you all the benefits of original Medicare Parts A & B, provided to you by a private insurance company that contracts with Medicare. 

Most plans incorporate Part D prescription coverage. In addition, the private insurance carrier can offer additional benefits not covered by original Medicare, for example; dental, vision, meals & transportation.

These plans require a detailed review of doctors, hospitals, medications and the pharmacy you prefer. Please feel free to use the  "Shop Medicare Advantage Plans" below, but please reach out to me before making a decision or enrolling in a plan.

Medicare Prescriptions (Part D)


Medicare drug plans are designed to reduce your out of pocket exposure for your prescriptions. The drug plan can be broken down into 4 stages. 

  1. Deductible 
  2. Initial Coverage Stage
  3. Donut Hole
  4. Catastrophic Level

I can help you break down each stage and help you predict your out-of-pocket exposure on an annual basis. 

A formal review of your medications and the pharmacy of choice provides you a predictable cost. It's a good idea to review your plan on an annual basis. A simple switch in pharmacies or using mail order can sometimes make an impact on your out-of-pocket exposure.  The free tool below, "Shop Medicare Plans" will provide you with a comparison of plans in your area. It's always best to consult with me before choosing a plan and enrolling.

Medicare Supplement (Medigap)


After Medicare Parts A & B pay for your covered services, supplement plans are designed to help pick up the coverage gaps. If predictability of healthcare expenses is your goal, a Medicare supplement is a great option. In addition, if your rates go up and you’re healthy enough, you can shop and compare plans anytime. 

Supplement plans provide more freedom when choosing a doctor or hospital. If a doctor or hospital accepts Medicare assignment, you can use your plan with them. Fortunately, that is the majority of doctors and hospitals in the United States.

In addition, you will need to pick a Part D Prescription plan to compliment your supplement.

If you are replacing another policy in place, do not cancel until your new policy is effective and make sure no changes to your health have occurred between application date and effective date.  



As an independent agent, I represent approximately 20 insurance carriers. It will vary by product and state. If you would like to know if I represent a particular carrier, please reach out using the contact form below.  In addition, I share a few helpful articles (at least I think so) regarding Medicare and other health insurance related subjects. Just click on "My Blog" tab to see them.   

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