Simply put, Term Life Insurance is the most affordable way to provide a large death benefit at the lowest premium. We shop through multiple carriers to find the best rates available. Term life insurance guarantees a death benefit and premium for the length of the term, typically 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years.

I have awesome term life products and the premiums are better than ever.  Again, term life insurance is the most cost effective way to protect your family during its most critical years. You can click on 2 below for a quote. It will provide a Trendsetter LB 2017 (Living Benefits) or Trendsetter 2017 (Without Living Benefits) option.  Did you know 8 in 10 Americans overestimate the cost of life insurance? Click here or (Get a Quote) in #2 below and see if you’re one of the 8 overestimating the cost.

  1. Traditional Term: You pay a premium for the term selected and it pays a benefit if the unfortunate happens. If you simply want protection at the lowest cost, this is likely the best route. You will have conversion options at the end of the term, but likely not at favorable rates.
  2. Living Benefits (Get a Quote): Living benefits incorporate a critical and chronic illness component. Basically, it provides long term care and disability insurance into the term policy at insignificant cost differences for the benefit. While it should not replace those policies, it provides good protection for someone that may not be able to afford these policies or your employment does not offer it. This video provides an excellent example of how an Oklahoma family of five benefited from Living Benefits.

This form I use happens to be the most common factors that can help eliminate surprises in underwriting. Answering these few questions can help me determine a likely underwriting outcome. If you’re more comfortable discussing over the phone, please you this form.