Under the permanent life insurance umbrella lies a variety of different products, most notably Whole, Universal and Final Expense. These products typically carry a cash value if funded correctly that can be borrowed against or used for certain life events. Therefore, permanent insurance products typically carry higher premiums than term because the death benefit is guaranteed. As always, it’s best to contact me for the right plan when it comes to term or permanent life insurance. Also, a combination of term and permanent makes for a great strategy.

We have many exciting and innovative ways to fund retirement or retain key employees with Indexed Universal Life insurance policies. We can provide illustrations that will help meet your needs. In addition, there are much lower cost permanent plans if funding retirement or obtaining loans is not your objective.

One of my favorite illustrations for parents & grandparents is the Million Dollar Baby. For $1200 annually or simply $100 a month over 20 years, your child will be a Millionaire when s/he turns 65. If you’d like to see this amazing illustration, click on this link (you will need to click on it twice): Million Dollar Baby Income.

Remember, term life insurance is an inexpensive way to cover a large death benefit when you need it most. 80-90% of the time, that’s likely all you’ll ever need. However, term life insurance only pay a benefit 2-3% of the time. Fortunately, this is good news because you’re still alive. The bad news, you typically have no life insurance or the conversion is very costly. As with all life and health insurance products, the younger and healthier you obtain a policy, the better your chances of maximizing the policy benefits and premium. If you wait too long, sometimes you can be declined.

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