Dental insurance plans for individuals and families play an important role in your overall health. Annual cleanings, x-rays and exams help eliminate other health related problems associated with poor oral hygiene. Individual and family plans are great for self employed or individuals not getting coverage through their employer.

I have individual, family and group dental insurance options for your dental care.  When considering a dental insurance plan, the following scenarios could apply. The plan could be a HMO, PPO or a Fee Schedule (discount plan).

Clicking on any of the banners or links below will allow you to quote, search dentist, apply and enroll in minutes:

  1. Bright Idea Dental: (Available in all states except Minnesota) 3 PPO plans: $1500, $3000 & $5000. If you have another plan and you switch over, no waiting periods apply. $3000 & $5000 is the highest I am aware of with any company, individual or group.
  2. Delta Dental AZ:(AZ Only) Great network in Arizona
  3. Dental Care Plus Group: (IN, KY & OH) You will likely find them to have the best network in the area they offer coverage. Ohio is an HMO in Butler, Clermont, Hamilton & Warren County. All other Ohio counties are a PPO. In Kentucky, it’s an HMO in Boone, Kenton, Campbell & Pendleton Counties. It’s a PPO in all remaining counties they offer coverage. Indiana is a PPO statewide in the counties they provide coverage.
  4. Starmount Life: (AZ, CO, FL, IN, KY, MI, MD, OH, PA, TN, TX, VA, WA & WV),  PPO plans with a variety of options to meet your budget.  The ultimate max plan offers a $2000 individual benefit offers one of the best values.
  5. Humana: Humana offers 4 plans in most areas I am licensed. 3 of the 4 plans have no waiting periods. Two PPO’s that allow you to go to any dentist, but using in network dentists on average saves you approximately 28%. A value HMO plan and a very inexpensive discount plan at $7.99 a month. In addition, they have a vision plan.

HMO or PPO: With an HMO you must use a dentist in network or you will be responsible for the full bill.  With a PPO, you can go to any dentist that accepts insurance. There is a usual and customary fee the dental insurance will pay. Anything over that fee, you would be responsible for the difference. For instance, if a cavity being filled has a usual and customary fee of $100 and the dentists bills $135, you will owe the dentist $35. Typically using in network dentist can save you 25-35%.

If you have questions, please use the form below or give me a call. In addition, when filling out the form please provide your dentist name and zip code if you’d like me to help you with the dentist search.

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