Save up to 60% on Dental Care - Click to Find your Plan

Simply click on the banner above and you will see how easy it is to join a dental discount plans.  Plans are available with no annual maximums, age restrictions or waiting periods. Need help finding a plan, the website can help? After you click on the banner above, The Plans by Procedure tab at the top of the page will allow you to select a few dental procedures. The plan that offers the best savings will show in your selections. As an alternative, you can choose a “Plan by Dentist” if that’s most important to you. However, if you do not see your dentist, then a new dentist must be selected that utilizes a discount plan. It’s always a wise choice to confirm with your dentist that they still take the plan before any visit.

Discount plans are available in all 50 states for individuals, families and groups. Discount plans are not insurance, but give you access to the network discounts from 10%-60%.  Remember, you must use in-network providers. I consider these plans to be the “Sam’s Club” or “Costco” of dental savings. Click on the banner above to get started on a FREE Quote.  Last, if you’re not in a hurry to get a plan, many great sales are offered throughout the year that I can inform you about.  If you need assistance with plan selection, finding a dentist or when the next great sale happens, please fill out the contact form.

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