Individual health insurance also known as Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act is designed for individuals and families. The following situations may apply: self employed, between jobs, on COBRA, waiting for benefits to start or with a company that might not offer benefits. As you can see, many scenarios might qualify you for an individual plan. Many changes have taken place on the individual marketplace with the new law. The “Get a Quote” link above will help you quote, apply and enroll in minutes. In addition, it will give you immediate results if you or your family qualifies for a subsidy*. Last, a short term plan might be the right situation for you as well.

If you need help navigating through the health insurance marketplace or you have a special situation, please fill out the form below for us to contact you. Special training is required annually by the government to offer these plans and we’re certified. In conclusion, this drastically reduces wasted time on the government site or on the phone with inexperienced health reps.

Without a special election period, most Americans must apply in the annual open enrollment period which runs 11/1/17-12/15/17, for a 1/1/18 effective date.  This has been drastically reduced from years past. If you do not get coverage in this 45 day window, we can help determine if a special election period applies. Typically, divorce, moving and loss of job or benefits are the most common reasons.  An accident or sickness outside of the open enrollment is not a special election. Unfortunately, the law has confused some into thinking guaranteed issue means anytime, it’s now 45 days.

*Silver Plans provide the most value. You can receive premium help and cost sharing reductions (subsidies) on deductibles, copayments and max out of pocket exposure. Platinum, Gold and Bronze plans only provide premium help if you qualify. The above “Get a Quote” will show you these savings if you qualify.

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