I have been in the insurance industry since 2000, holding a property casualty and life health license. I have always taken the independent agency route throughout my career. It gives me the flexibility to provide my clients the best carriers and products available.

My passion is helping people in this industry. Many have individual and group policies with no idea what is covered or how much. Being able to review this information, I am able to inform people on shortcomings, unnecessary policies and sometimes giving them good news they have great coverage. Therefore, knowing that I help protect health, wealth and livelihoods for individuals and businesses is rewarding. As always, it’s a no obligation review or quote for clients. Working with the best brokerages and companies available allows me to provide you with the best resources to make an educated decision.

Last, the greatest thank you in my business is a referral. I built my business on referrals and doing what’s best for my clients. I look forward to working with you and finding your solution. In addition, if there is something I can’t help you with, I will find a trusted partner that will. This website is about helping you!

Currently licensed in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Ohio (Resident State), Pennsylvania,Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington & West Virginia.